Snake (蛇Shé)

Snakes have a deep and complex mind, but if they love, they love with their entire heart.


Birth years: 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 2025


The Snake is the sixth of all zodiac animals. Snakes usually have a negative diction and are symbols of witchcraft. However, Nǚ Wā (), the creator of the world in Chinese mythology, had a human’s head and a snake’s body.Snakes are humorous and sophisticated. They don’t like small talk or thinking about small everyday problems. In a chaotic environment, they are the eye of the storm. Snakes are able to hold their ground and calmly think of solutions.


They are always making new plans and follow them without relying on others’ input. They’re usually correct, but this also comes from a distrust of others. You cannot judge a Snake by its cover. Their slow and lazy talking hides their fast-paced thinking. Behind their calmness, they are alert and observant.



Year of the Snake 2020 Fortune



Often regarded as cunning and sly, those born in the year of the Snake are also praised for their wisdom and wit. In 2020, you’re set to face pressures from those higher up in the pecking order at work. However, you will use these opportunities to become calmer and more intellectual. In even better news, you should also close out the year in great health!


The last months of 2019 brought a change in the social activities of Snakes, leaving them drained of energy and with the feeling they are out of the cards. But all the Snakes need to be brave because the Rat year will fully reward them. As a creative year for them, it will offer them things they’ve been thinking about all the time, and a lot of opportunities will occur throughout the year.


In 2020, the Snake natives need to pay great attention to their financial problems. Although they are normally very cautious and vigilant when it comes to money, this year, the Snakes will need to be even more careful. In terms of career, they need to show greater flexibility if they want to advance or to change their job. This change can come with a bit of help from people in a higher position. The Snakes will spend happy moments at home, next to their families and friends, which will bring them a lot of joy. The period between July and November is fabulous for socializing.


Lucky things for Snakes


  • Colours: red, yellow, black
  • Numbers: 2, 6, 8
  • Mineral: amethyst
  • Directions of auspiciousness: southwest, south
  • Directions of wealth: northwest
  • Directions of love: south

Unlucky things for Snakes


  • Colours: white, gold, brown
  • Numbers: 1, 6, 7


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