Rabbit (兔Tù)

Rabbits are earnest with everything they do; they just ask that others treat them the same way.



Birth Years 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 2023


The Rabbit is the fourth of all zodiac animals. Renowned for their tenderness and approachability, those born in the year of the Rabbit are in for a relatively smooth year. While all signs point to meeting a smart, capable and caring partner, exercise needs to become a priority if you want to round out the year with not just a loved-up heart, but a strong one.

To outsiders, the Rabbit’s kindness may make them seem soft and weak. In truth, the Rabbit’s quiet personality hides their confidence and strength. They are steadily moving towards their goal, no matter what negativity the others give them. With their good reasoning skills and attention to detail, they make great scholars. They are socializers with an attractive aura. However, they find it hard to open up to others and often turn to escapism.


A plain and routine life is not their style. Though conservative and careful in their actions, they need surprises every so often to spice things up.




Year of the Rabbit 2020 Fortune


During the last months of 2019, the Rabbits had to be very careful with their finances, trying to avoid any potential issues in the future. 2020 will prove to be a fun year, full of social interactions, marked by love stories and meetings with friends. This year, the single Rabbits may find their soul mates.


It is important for the Rabbits to be careful and to avoid taking risks during the Rat year. Also, they should try to avoid gossips and rumors that will start to flow abundantly towards the middle of the year, affecting their reputation.


The house and the heart are essential this year, offering the comfortable retreat they will need in a year full of events. In April and October, some special occasions to travel and socialize will occur. 


Lucky things for Rabbits

Colours: red, pink, purple, blue
Numbers: 3, 4, 9
Directions of auspiciousness: southeast
Directions of wealth: northeast, southwest
Directions of love: east

Unlucky things for Rabbits 

Colours: brown, gray, white
Numbers: 5, 11


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Fortune sourced from chinesenewyear.net