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Grab Life By The Lychees

At Boost Juice

Live, Love, Lychee - come sweeten up your life with the new Lychee drinks from Boost Juice!


Ready to live large?  The new Lychee range at Boost Juice is sweet and bold, just like how life should be!  There are 3 delicious flavours with this exotic and refreshing fruit that will make you seize the day!  Chuck that hesitation away, time to make your first ballsy move, and zip down to Boost to grab life by the lychees!


Mango Lychee Living - lychee, mango, mango nectar, sorbet, mango yoghurt & ice

Berry Good Lychees - lychee, strawberries, fresh watermelon juice, tropical juice, strawberry yoghurt, sorbet & ice

Passion For Lychees - lychee, passionfruit, mint, mango, mango nectar, sorbet & ice