Homework Club Term 1, 2022

Date and Time
Mon, 31 January 2022, 3:30 PM - Wed, 6 April 2022, 6:30 PM

TERM 1, 2022


WeMake Studio
Rhodes Waterside
1 Rider Boulevard
Rhodes, 2138
At WeMake Studio

Introducing The Homework Club.

A supervised, kids co-working space, to get homework done, read quietly, get crafty, meet other kids in the area and have a bit of fun together.

The Club is open every Monday and Wednesday, from 3.30pm to 6.30pm at WeMake Studio. 

It costs $8 per hour, per child.

Supervised by an experienced tutor, and available for Primary School kids (aged 5 - 12years).

Bookings are not essential but recommended as room capacity is capped at 15 kids.

The Homework Club is not only great for the kids - but also great for any parent/carer who may need a little bit of 'me time',  an opportunity to get some grocery shopping, visit the post office, catch-up with a friend kid free, or spend some time with a sibling!

Bookings for Term 1 2022 are available here >>

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The Homework Club Terms & Conditions

Bookings can only be made for a one hour duration. Children must be collected from WeMake Studio by 6.30pm.
This event operates from 3.30pm-6.30pm on Monday and Wednesday during the school term (NSW public schools).
Bookings can be made online with WeMake Studio or on the day of the event. The room capacity if capped at 15 children, so advance bookings are recommended. 
Primary School aged children up to 12 years of age will be accepted to the The Homework Club. The maximum capacity of the tutor is 15 children.
Children that are more than fifteen (15) minutes late to their booking will automatically forfeit their place. 
Bookings are limited to two hours per week per child, however the daily cap is one hour duration per booking. 

Child Safety 
The parent/caregiver agrees to remain at the Shopping Centre, Rhodes Waterside, through the duration of the event. It is important to retain proximity to the WeMake Studio in the event the parent/caregiver needs to be contacted or collect their child. 
The parent/caregiver agrees to show photographic identification, in order to collect their child. 
The parent/caregiver agrees to have a working phone on them at all times whilst their child is in the care of WeMake Studio staff. 
The same parent/caregiver that registered the child at drop off needs to be the same parent/caregiver to collect the child, unless discussed with and noted by a WeMake staff member at the time of registration. 
The parent/caregiver must sign their child in and out of the WeMake Studio. 

Registration & Collection 
The parent/caregiver agrees to fill out the registration form and bring it to We Make Studio on the day of the event. 
The registration form must be completed by the parent/caregiver and co-signed with a WeMake staff member.
The parent/caregiver agrees to advise of any medical conditions, allergies, disabilities of the child at the time of registration. 
The WeMake staff member is not authorised to leave WeMake Studio and take children to the bathroom. Children must be toileted before approaching the WeMake Studio. WeMake Studio do not have bathroom facilities in the studio – parent/caregiver will be called if their child needs to use the toilet.

During The Homework Club Event
The parent/caregiver agrees to familiarise themselves and their children with the following rules during The Homework Club: 
o All mobile phones should be switched off/silent or left with parent/caregiver
o If a child becomes upset, a WeMake staff member may call the parent/caregiver to collect the child 
o Parent/caregiver are not able to stay during the event with their child - Exceptions will be considered for carers accompanying children with special needs 
o The WeMake Studio staff are not be permitted to feed your child whilst in their care.
o Children can not eat food while in WeMake Studio – please ensure children have had something to eat and drink before drop off as no food will be provided at the event
o Children may bring a water bottle to the event - The bottle must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.
o Children cannot share food or drinks in WeMake Studio 
o All reasonable care is taken with children’s belongings and clothing. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to children’s belongings or clothing. It is recommended money and items of value should not be brought to the event.
o WeMake Studio do not have bathroom facilities in the studio – parent/caregiver will be called if their child needs to use the toilet. Children must be toileted before approaching the WeMake Studio.

First Aid / Medications
If your child requires First Aid, a First Aid trained staff member from Rhodes Waterside Security Team will attend to him/her in the first instance and parent/carer will be contacted. If additional assistance is required emergency services will be notified. 
Unless there is a medical emergency, medications will not be administered to any child. Any child displaying symptoms of illness will not be accepted into WeMake Studio.
If, during the course of a booking, a child becomes ill or is unable to continue for any reason the parent/carer will be contacted immediately to collect their child.
If a child has been diagnosed at risk of asthma or anaphylaxis, the parent/carer will be required to notify staff upon registration and provide the child’s medication and action plan. The WeMake staff member on duty will be notified.

If your child is disruptive and/or a threat to the safety of other children, they will be removed from the event, and the parent/caregiver will be contacted to collect them.
Children are to stay at WeMake Studio at all times.
Any incidents of inappropriate behaviour will be recorded and reported to parents/carers and may result in exclusion from future participation in the event program.
A three-step warning strategy may be adopted according to the severity of the situation
1. Behaviour warrants an initial warning. The child must be notified of the consequences of a third warning, e.g. removal from the activity, notification to parents.
2. Behaviour continues or worsens and the child is issued with a second warning
3. Behaviour continues or worsens and the child is removed from the activity. The child must not be left unsupervised. Parents must be notified as soon as practicable and may be called to remove the child altogether if the circumstances require it.

Late Penalty 
Please collect your child at the designated time – 1 hour after your child is registered and before 6.30pm. If you are late, a penalty fee may apply.
If the parent/caregiver is late (more than 10 minutes) to collect children, or remains uncontactable for an extended period of time, the WeMake Studio and Centre Management have your consent to advise local police.

WeMake’s Duty of Care 
WeMake will always act in the best interests of your child and take all reasonable steps to ensure their safety and wellbeing; however, WeMake Studio will not be held responsible for any accident or injury sustained at WeMake Studio. 
In the unlikely event of an emergency, all children will be evacuated according to the Rhodes Waterside Evacuation Plan. Parent/caregiver will be notified of the collection point.

In registering my child with WeMake Studio, I consent to my child being photographed and acknowledge that the imagery may be used in social media or for marketing and/or promotional purposes by WeMake Studio and/or the host shopping centre, Rhodes Waterside. 

All information collected by WeMake will be held in accordance with the Privacy Act and will be shared with the host shopping centre, Rhodes Waterside in relation to marketing activities. 


Your Privacy

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